Body Board 78cm




High-quality weather-resistant due to the durable EPS core, it will not break or deform easily.

The bottom is very smooth, which will increase speed and maneuverability while surfing. With superior buoyancy, will be catching waves in no time this summer.

This ultra-light bodyboard is very easy to carry, and it will go with you wherever you go surfing. Take it on any family trip to the beach, vacation, swimming pool, ocean, river, waterpark, or any outdoor activities.

Comfortable fitting wrist leash made of soft but durable material, suitable for all wrist sizes adults or kids. This leash will keep your board close and always attached to you. A must-have accessory to keep your board from getting lost in the ocean.

Whether you are a serious wave rider or just looking for some fun for the family to enjoy the surf, this bodyboard will take your beach days from boring to exciting.

What’s in the box:
1 X Boogie Board
1 x wrist strap


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